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Judging Opportunities for First Lego League (4th – 8th grade)



First Lego League is looking for judges to participate in the upcoming tournaments. The focus this year is “Masterpiece:  explore how the arts can teach us about how to communicate, how to engage and how to entertain an audience of any size”. PMI Phoenix Academic Outreach is continually looking for ways to give back to our community. This is an opportunity where we can provide educational mentoring and assistance to students so that they can get feedback from project management professionals. 

Judge Responsibilities 

As an Innovation Project judge, you will interview FLL teams (made up of 4th to 8th graders) and assess their process and documentation for developing a project solution. 
Teams will: 

  • identify and research a problem  
  • design a new solution or improve an existing one based on their selected idea, brainstorming and plan, 
  • create a model, drawing or prototype of their project solution, 
  • test and iterate their solution by sharing with others and making improvements based on feedback 

Before teams leave the room, judges also serve as mentors to provide feedback to the team by communicating team strengths and areas that can be improved. 
Interested participants also need to complete the required youth protection background screening. In the event selection, there are several FLL tournaments to choose from. The specific tournaments needing volunteer judges are: 

  • 12/2 “Robotics Is For Everyone” at Chandler High School, 350 N. Arizona Avenue 
  • 12/2 at Metro Tech High School, 1900 W. Thomas Road 
  • 12/9 at Red Mountain High School, 7301 E. Brown Road 
  • 12/9 at Ridgeline 7-12 Campus, 39808 N. Gavilan Peak Parkway, Anthem 
  • 12/9 at Microchip Technology, 2355 W. Chandler Blvd 
  • 12/9 at Thatcher Middle School, 1300 N. 4th Avenue 


Volunteers should sign up via the link: https://www.firstinspires.org/ways-to-help/volunteer/how-to-register?hsCtaTracking=4ed829f0-bfa9-4ba8-ad1a-7e3a471f7471%7C921f31dd-192e-466f-935c-1a284382f43b 

  • Please note all judges and volunteers will need an account and acknowledge privacy and youth protection screening. 
  • Reference the “Volunteer Registration User Guide” available on the site. 
  • Send an email to steve.poessnecker@pmiphx.org to let him know that you are participating in this endeavor. 
  • Track the hours that you spend performing your feedback responsibilities. 
  • Feel free to contact Nancy Okabe, Arizona Regional Judge Advisor (Nokabe1@cox.net) with any questions. 



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