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Volunteer Spotlight - Conrad Skye Sandoval

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Volunteer Spotlight

While cost management is viewed as a continuous process, it helps to split the function into four steps: resource planning, estimation, budgeting, and control. They are mostly sequential, but it’s possible that some resource changes happen midway through the project, forcing the budgets to be adjusted. Or the variances observed during the control process can call for estimate revisions. —PMBOK®

Skye Sandoval started volunteering the summer of 2020 for the study group after being a member of the chapter for five years. The areas he enjoys most is cost, managing the money and risk. His goals with volunteering are to meet people and to retain the PMP certification knowledge. He likes mentoring the small study group and was a trainer and mentor for the past ten years.  Skye is currently a mentee for scrum master and shared that “both the mentor and mentee gives knowledge in both directions like the hands of a watch. Skye describes himself as a visual learner so when he mentors, he tells them, shows them, and lets them try it. Basically, using all three types of learning to get the concept across. His emphasizes that “we are here to help each other. Together we can make a beautiful world if we all work together.”

If you take the PMP journey, remember you must be like Steve Jobs, stay hungry and stay foolish. If you fail it will help you learn how to do things right. Skye shared that it can be painful, but it makes you strong. Everyone gets discouraged but keep going and don’t stop.

I asked Skye how he manages projects, and his approach is to divide things into four like a box. The left side of the box is the most important, the right side is the backlog. I move things around in the box quadrants as the work and priority shifts. The bottom two boxes are to keep them in the forefront. “The box keeps it simple so I can build it like a pyramid and so I can see my day.”

If you meet up with Skye Sandoval, you will realize that he is a free spirt and has a hippie mentality at heart. To relax he does yoga several times a week. He credits his mom, a geologist who took him to visit geological points around history for helping him realize that “it takes time to build something just like our 15 billion years on earth.” To sum him up he shared that “he has never met a stranger. I have traveled all over the globe and aways find something in common with them"


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