By-Laws Revision

Special Election Sept 6 - Sept 21

By-Laws PDF Document

Why do a By-Laws Revision?

  • 6/22/17 Last Chapter By-Laws Change
  • The Chapter has a History of Board Cohesion Issues
  • The Chapter has Issues in recruiting new board members
  • Currently 3 open positions on the board.
  • Term for President is 6 years which is causing issues in recruiting for that position

What does the By-Laws Revision need to address?

  • Shorten the terms for President to make the position more attractive to the membership and the board members.
  • Modifying the makeup of the board to allow for more or less board officers as needed by the organization.
  • Increase organizational flexibility and agility by changing the titles to be more generic.
  • Remove barriers to getting work done by removing specific duties in the roles of officers in the by-laws.

Current Board Organization Structure


Revised Board Organizational Structure