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Breakfast Meeting: Bias, Reaction, and Reflection: How to Truly Choose

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Bias, Reaction, and Reflection: How to Truly Choose

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Whether addressing projects, programs or portfolios we all believe that we are considering our options and choosing. Or guiding teams to choose. Actually, we typically ‘decide’ and seldom choose. This is also true in our personal lives. Without choice, we cannot meet either individual or social human potential. Human physiology is programmed toward bias. Society and cultural frameworks reinforce bias without our awareness. (Bias is not prejudice, which is an incorrect association.) Bias is neither good nor bad. It just is. Bias is a subconscious reaction to sensory input. Subconscious means unaware. Lacking awareness, you cannot truly choose. Changing biases can be a worthwhile, lifelong effort, yet does not meet immediate needs. In our world of sensory overload, biases are triggered at a rate that overwhelms our neural systems beyond their recovery capacity. Overwhelm prevents cognitive processes - reflection. Tools and techniques may guide decisions, not choice. Simplified, the cognitive process requires a focused cycle of awareness, alternative identification, reflection, choice, and action. Reflection requires significant physical and neural energy, and can only occur through awareness and careful preparation. Action (and more often repeated action to overcome bias) is necessary to enable and reinforce choice. Join us as we help you to explore bias and to offer you awareness, the first step toward truly choosing.



Steven M. Fullmer, MBA, PMP, PMI-PBA, CQ

For more than forty years Steven Fullmer has applied his career in technology development, project management, business analysis and education toward enhancing human potential.

He has been employed as a leader, architect, creative problem solver, course creator and educator across the supercomputer, financial, security, telecommunications, Internet, and adult education sectors. As a speaker, author, and coach he shares his research and expertise in the field of neurosociology toward enhancing the understanding and application of human frameworks and processes. Systems designed to thrive are often used only for survival. 21st century knowledge and technology are just beginning to reveal the true potential available to individuals leading global change. Through his independent consultancies, Steven M. Fullmer, LLC and Blue Sphere Solutions, LLC shares his passion for guiding ideas and clients to new horizons.

He is an established project management, risk management, business analysis and operating systems author. He has also contributed to articles, white papers, edited collections, and detailed statistical analysis for more than a dozen publishers across his fields of expertise and personal interests. He is a founding contributor to the Institute for Neuro and Behavioral Project Management. His upcoming book, On the Other Hand – Choice in a Complex World¬ is slated for publication before year end.

He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife of thirty years, Rhonda Fullmer who is also a nationally recognized project manager. Their two adult children practice as a successful satellite project engineer and a marine biologist, both affecting positive change.


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Date: June 24th, 2022

Hours: 7:30AM to 8:30AM

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