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Let’s Get Intentional About Behavior Change Adoption & Sustainability

Strategic Business Management skills

Topic: Let’s Get Intentional About Behavior Change Adoption & Sustainability

Decades of research show that the majority of improvement initiatives fail to meet all performance expectations. We believe this performance expectation disconnect occurs because of:

  • • a lack of leadership involvement and ongoing, effective engagement, and
  • • desired behavior changes that are not adequately identified and prioritized.

Typically, we see organizations speaking about behavior in a generalized manner. They use “behavioral clichés” and do not define specific desired leader and performer behaviors.

accomplir® Behavior ManagementSM (behavior is defined as “what I say or do”) complements Change Management’s focus on people’s thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. It is Behavior ManagementSM that has the most immediate impact on behavior change adoption and sustainability. We have demonstrated that an integrated approach (Behavior ManagementSM & Change Management) led by Behavior ManagementSM, improves user change acceptance and yields more sustainable results, especially in white-collar, technical, service, and professional environments.

accomplir® has pioneered next-generation improvement toolsets by embedding key Behavior ManagementSM (Applied Behavioral Science) concepts into Lean Sigma, Business Process Management, and technology deployment methodologies. Refining these toolsets over the last ten-plus years has enabled us to:

  • • explicitly identify and prioritize desired behaviors for both performers and leaders
  • • integrate Key Behaviors into Project Management deliverables
  • • increase Leaders’ active involvement and accountability for sustaining behavior change.

This presentation takes a practitioner’s viewpoint focusing on Behavior ManagementSM key concepts and selected tools applicable to both the participants’ personal leadership behaviors as well as their change initiative Project Management roles and responsibilities.

Learning Objectives

  • • Learn the essentials of Behavior ManagementSM and the importance of (1) pinpointing behavior and (2) using positive consequences and feedback to change and sustain behavior
  • • How to pinpoint and activate their personal leadership behavior priorities
  • • Gain an understanding of how to more effectively engage leaders and key stakeholders throughout all project phases
  • • Understand what are the key accomplir® Behavior ManagementSM tools used within a Digital Transformation context

Session Outline (Estimated times for 60-minute session with Q&A to follow)

  1. Introduction (Estimated Time: 5 mins)
    • Integrated Methodology Development & Projects
  2. Behavior ManagementSM Framework (Estimated Time: 30 mins)
    • Antecedents-Behavior-Consequences (ABC) Framework
    • Understanding Consequences: Impact-Timing-Importance
    • Exercise: Convert “behavioral” umbrella statement to Pinpointed Behaviors (15 minutes)
    • Change Management and Behavior ManagementSM
    • Project Management Standard – accomplir® Behavior ManagementSM alignment
  3. accomplir® Behavior ManagementSM Integrated Methodology (Estimated Time: 25 mins)
    • Understanding Consequences: Impact-Timing-Importance
    • Exercise: Convert “behavioral” umbrella statement to Pinpointed Behaviors (15 minutes)
    • Change Management and Behavior ManagementSM
    • Project Management Standard – accomplir® Behavior ManagementSM alignment
  4. Q&A


Speaker: Paul Fjelsta

Founding Partner, accomplir®, Inc.

SPEAKER BIO www.linkedin.com/in/paulfjelsta

Over forty years of consulting, Paul has assisted Fortune 1000 clients measurably improve quality, costs, and productivity through the development and delivery of major change programs focused on business process improvement and management, business-driven technology deployment, and leadership development.

Paul’s journey began in the 1980s with a focus on applying Deming and Japanese TQC methodologies. In the ‘90s, Paul joined The Rummler-Brache Group (RBG) delivering engagements utilizing RBG’s Best Practice Business Process Improvement & Management methodology (clients included 3M, Applied Materials, Brown & Root, Cargill, Chevron, Citibank, Haliburton, H-P, Imation, Kraft Foods, US Intelligence Community, and Toyota).

Paul launched accomplir®, Inc., in 2003 to develop next-generation improvement toolsets integrating Behavior ManagementSM into process improvement and IT deployment methodologies. Over the last ten-plus years, these toolsets have been used in numerous engagements to improve change initiative people-dimension outcomes, results, and ROI.

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Type of category: Special Events

Type of activity: Strategic Business Management skills

Date: October 28th, 2021

Hours: 6:00PM to 7:30PM

Number of PDUs: 1.5


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