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Be Better with Better Delegation in Agile

Strategic Business Management skills
Topic Summary:  Be Better with Better Delegation in Agile
Ever feel overwhelmed...or at least wonder how you're going to get it all done? Almost everyone is a giver of work tasks and a receiver of work tasks. If you live in an agile world, you think more about backlog creation and backlog execution...and not so much "delegation", at least in the typical sense. But even with projects and backlog items, there can be many other work items (or life items) that also need to get done. The delegation, either giving or receiving, is a key component to getting all this work done.
Learning Objectives:
  • In this talk, before diving into delegation, we'll take a quick look at this feeling of overwhelmedness, and we'll look at some techniques for dealing with "too much to do". Ideally, some of these techniques will help you personally. With this foundation, we'll then dive deeper into task delegation and review one model in depth. This model will help you delegate better AND be delegated to better.
  • You will leave this talk with ideas and techniques on how to be more productive personally. You'll have an increased awareness of delegation (whether delegating or being delegated to) and the components of "good" delegation. Complete understanding of the degrees or levels of "delegation".

Speaker Bio:


Perry Reinert, Ph.D. (CSM, CSPO, CAL, PAL, ICP-ACC, SPC, AHF) is a founder of the Phoenix Scrum User’s group and Agile Arizona.  He is currently an agile and executive consultant who provides executives, leadership, and implementation teams training and coaching.  Perry has had success training/coaching technical teams and non-technical teams in areas such as marketing, customer support, and finance. He has spoken on agile topics at conferences and numerous user groups, locally and internationally. Perry strives to bring the latest in agile techniques and approaches (e.g., remote agile) and a proper understanding of agile fundamentals and “why” to all training/coaching engagements.  As a CTO, Perry embraced approaches such as Traction/EOS and 4DX/  Perry has also coached executives on leadership topics, including annual/quarterly planning and execution.

In previous lives, Perry has been CTO for Offerpad and Lavu, led software development at Infusionsoft, launched rockets at Orbital Sciences Corporation, helped create large-scale e-learning systems with Cisco Systems, and taught classes at Arizona State University.  Perry’s hobbies include aviation (an instrument-rated pilot), traveling, photography, quads in the desert, scuba diving, and photography.  You can reach Perry at perry.reinert@gmail.com

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Type of category: Special Events

Type of activity: Strategic Business Management skills

Date: October 26th, 2021

Hours: 6:00PM to 7:00PM

Number of PDUs: 1


Members: Free

Non members: $5.00


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