Leadership Teams - Our Volunteers

External Relations Team

External Relations Team is responsible for fostering relationships to support the Chapter and its members through outreach to companies, the military, academic institutions, non-profits, and communities. We build bridges between organizations and the Chapter by soliciting and stewarding relationships. We seek to enhance chapter member experiences and bring value to our partner organizations.

  • Corporate Outreach
    • Patricia Suiter, PMP - Director, Ambassador Program
    • Manish Arora, PMP, PgMP - Manager Corporate Ambassador
    • Melissa McDonald, PMP - Manager Corporate Ambassador
    • Kevin Lehigh, PMP - Manager Corporate Ambassador
  • Academic Outreach
    • PMIEF
      • Rebecca Knight, PMP - Director PMIEF
      • Fernando Figueroa, PMP - Manager, PMIEF
    • Future City
      • Steve Poessnecker - Director, Academic Outreach - Future City
      • Ronnie Watley, PMP - Manager, Academic Outreach - Future City
      • Nikhil Sonawane - Manager, Academic Outreach - Future City
      • Riley Sedam - Manager, Academic Outreach - Future City
  • Community Outreach
    • Lemelle Johnson, PMP - AVP of Community Outreach
  • Military Outreach
    • Paul Martin - AVP of Military Outreach
    • Brian Zeltins - Director of Military Outreach
    • Kevin Quinn - Manager, Military Outreach
    • Craig Jones - CAPM, PMI-ACP, PMP - Manager, Military Outreach
    • Warren Wilson, CAPM - Manager Military Outreach
    • Joshua Horning, PMP - Manager, Military Outreach
Finance Team

Finance Team handles our budgets, expenses and income.  The Finance team provides support to the President and all other members of the Board of Directors by ensuring that all transactions have been accounted for and reported properly and that the chapter is operating within the guidelines of PMI and governmental requirements. The team adds additional value by helping the members of the Board create and manage to a reasonable and responsible budget for the year.

  • Andy Aiyer, PMP - AVP Finance
  • Mohit Goel, PMP - Director, Finance & Budgeting
Marketing Team

Marketing Team is responsible for all of the chapter branding, photography and digital messaging to include; social media, content for website and weekly bulletin content. 

  • Olivia Davis, Manager Marketing
  • Rick Gaunt, PMP - Manager Photography
  • Kim Essendrup, PMP - Manager Publications
  • Tyler Lim - Manager Social Media
Membership Team

Membership Team supports our members - most notably the New Member Orientation - as well as all our volunteers. The Membership Team is responsible for attracting, onboarding, and retaining Chapter members. They also provide support for our members in transition through Career Resources workshops. As volunteers are the sole resources for running the chapter, Volunteer Services provides a crucial role in recruiting and placing qualified individuals on all teams. This service ensures volunteers receive training to get them started, as well as to provide recognition and appreciation through organized activities.

  • Teresa Franco, MBA, PMP - Director Volunteer Recognition
  • Justin Peyton, MBA, PMP - Member Ambassador
  • Susan Wynn, MSIM, PMP - AVP Membership Service
Operations Team

Operations Team is responsible for the business operations of the Chapter, including but not limited to, conducting Chapter Board of Directors elections, executing surveys for the Board and/or Board reviewing/revising/developing Chapter policies & procedures, tracking the Chapter's physical assets and monitoring the Chapter's voicemail.

  • Jack Bialik - Director of Elections
  • Earl Cobb - Manager Elections
  • Michelle DeMarco - Manager Elections
  • David Dietz, PMP - Manager Elections
  • Mariselle Gonzalez, PMP - Manager Elections
  • Joseph Kneen, PMP - Manager Elections
  • Leticia Macias - Manager of Data Analysis
  • George Massar, PMP - Manager Process Documentation
  • Mary McNally, PMP - Manager Elections
  • Jerry Simpson, PMP - Manager Process Documentation
  • Ted Simpson, PMP - Manager Chapter Voicemail
  • Lynda Stanton - Director Elections
  • Karen Cortes - Manager of Data Analysis
  • Dana Shinbaum - Manager Elections
  • Abhijit Ganguly, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP - ACP Director Volunteer Management
  • Katie Ruzicka, PMP - Manager Volunteer Management
Professional Development Team

Professional Development Team supports PDU opportunities for our chapter, as well as the CAPM/PMP prep classes, and all the vendors we use to provide classes and learning opportunities to our members.

  • Zoreh Daemi, CAPM - Manager
  • Suzanne King, PMP - Director of Mentorship Program
  • Eloise Price, PMP - Manager Credential Prep
  • Pam Peake - Manager Credential Study Group
  • Elizabeth Mueller - Manager Credential Study Group
  • Ken Roundtree, PMP - Manager Credential Study Group
  • Miriam Spinner, PMP, PMI-RMP - Manager Speaker Bureau
  • Vivek Soni, PMP - AVP Professional Development
  • Michael Wiprud, PMP - AVP Professional Development Operations
Programs Team

Programs Team organizes our chapter meetings and events by ensuring we have speakers, running the North and South Valley meetings, running Breakfast meetings throughout the Valley, and coordinating the social networking events.

  • Bobby Hickman, PMP - Manager, Programs
  • Joshua Godby, PMP - Manager, Programs
  • Paul Bartal, PMP - Director of Breakfast Meetings
  • Nelson Irizarry - Manager Networking
  • Rodney Jerger, PMP - AV Manager Evening Chapter Meeting
  • Casill Libman - Director Speaker Selection
  • Jon Sears, PMP - Manager Evening Remote Meetings
  • Shaya Shames, PMP - Manager Networking
  • Rick Sowers - Site Manager Evening Chapter Meetings
  • Marcia Solochek - AVP Evening Meetings
Technology Team

Technology Team supports the chapter infrastructure, which includes all chapter technology, including audio and visual equipment, security and access control of applications and subscription services,  managing the chapter website, managing the chapter messaging systems, and SharePoint application.

  • Perla Flores, PMP - Manager Core Infrastructure
  • Kyle Johnson, PMP - Director SharePoint
  • David Kuhn, PMP - Manager Webmaster
  • Bob Childress, PMP - Manager Webmaster
  • Jayasim Franklin - AVP Technology
  • Henry Jones, PMP - Manager Sharepoint
  • Nisha Kadakia, PMP - Manager Sharepoint
  • Christina Samore, PMP - Manager Sharepoint
Virtual Locations
  • Robin Baskin McNulty, - Virtual Facilitator