Claim a PDM PDU

Claim a Chapter Meeting (PDM) or Breakfast Meeting PDU

Certified PMI Professionals can record their earned PDU for attending a PDM by following this procedure:

Log into the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS) website as a member (right hand corner) at

Click “Report PDU” 

Step 1:

  1. PDU category: select Category A
  2. Activity type: Report a Component 1-2 PDU Event
  3. NEXT

Step 2:

  1. Component ID: C029 (Type in C zero two nine) (C029 = PMI Phoenix Chapter).
  2. Select "Search"

Step 3:

  1. Click on C029

Step 4:

  1. Enter in the information from the PDM Meeting:
  2. Activity Date Completed:  mm/dd/yyyy
  3. Activity title:  (location) (title)(speaker). For example: The 3 keys to effective Project Mgmt, by John Doe
  4. Activity meeting number: X  (1,2 dependent on how many you attended during day)
  5. Contact person: (your name) (may be blank)
  6. Phone number: (your number)(may be blank)
  7. E-mail address & Confirm email address: (your email)(may be blank)
  8. NEXT

Step 5:

  1. PDUs claimed: 1
  2. NEXT

Step 6:

  1. Check box to agree that the claim is accurate.

You are done. You will receive email confirmation of your submittal.



Further help (to map old PDU letters to current PMI format):

For example, you would use the following information from the PDU letter you received at the 1/15/09 PDM

PMI Phoenix Chapter

  • PDM Meeting - Phoenix       Thursday, Jan 15, 2009 
  • Component ID = Provider ID:  C029   (C zero two nine)
  • Contact person:  (your name)
  • Activity Date Completed:  01/15/2009
  • Activity Title =  Event Title:  Lessons Learned in Project Management, by John Doe
  • Activity meeting number ("PDM-" + date) = Course ID:  011509, therefore, enter: PDM-011509
  • PDUs claimed = PDUs Earned: 1 PDU (Category 3)

To retrieve past PDM data (title, etc.) go to: Programs--> PDM 200x Meetings Calendar

For additional information on claiming a PDU for any type of Chapter event go to: Professional Development --> Claim a PDU.