Arizona Project of the Year Submission Deadline

Submission Deadline Extended to 11:59pm on 5/31/2020 - Don't Delay!

Presented by the PMI Chapters of Arizona

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The Arizona Project of the Year Award will:

Recognize large and complex projects that best deliver:

  • Superior performance of project management practices
  • Superior organizational results
  • Positive impacts on society
  • Benefits to people and communities anywhere within the State of Arizona, as well as within the Phoenix & Tucson PMI Chapter areas

Recognize the hard work of the successful project team to:

  • Solve a complex problem
  • Make a difference for the company, community, & consumer of the solution

Project Eligibility Criteria

  • Project budget must at least US $1.0M
  • Project of any type, from any industry, in public or private sectors; including nonprofit and government
  • Project from any geography in the State of Arizona
  • Project must have been completed between 01/01/2018 and 03/31/2020
  • Project submission must be completed by submission deadline of 05/31/2020
  • Lead Nominator does not require PMI affiliation

Not Eligible

  • A project which has won the global PMI Project of the Year Award

    or the PMI Project Excellence Award.
  • Projects completed before the nomination deadline of 01/01/2018,

    or after the final submission deadline of 05/31/2020.
  • Projects with a budget less than US $1.0M.

Lead Nominator: Individual nominating the project



2020 Project of the Year Timeline

01 Nov 2019

31 May 2020

31 Aug 2020

Early Nov 2020

Submissions Open

Submissions Closed

Nominations Announced

Project of the Year Awarded


You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. May I nominate a project completed in Arizona for an organization not based in Arizona? i.e., Must the project be sponsored by an Arizona-domiciled organization, or would it be eligible as long as it was directed mostly or solely to the State of AZ?

A1.    The committee will review any project whose value and deliverables are directed wholly or in large measure to the State of AZ.

Q2. Would a project be eligible if it yields process improvement but not necessarily an enduring/”hard” (tangible) deliverables?

A2.    Yes, provided that the deliverables can be clearly articulated and fairly assessed against other competing AZPOY nominees.

Q3. Does the sponsoring organization of a nominee project need to be of a particular size in terms of revenue, assets, number of employees, or some other metric?

A3.  The minimum threshold is defined as a project budget of least US $1.0M.

Q4. May I nominate a multi-year project?

A4.  Yes, provided that one or more deliverables may be discretely defined or segmented as having been completed 01/01/2018 and 03/31/2020.

Q5. Are not-for-profit organizations eligible to nominate a project?

A5.  Yes, not-for-profit organizations are eligible.

Q6. What happens if I cannot directly measure the financial impact of a project I want to nominate?

A6.  It will be difficult for the committee to properly and fairly evaluate a project of this nature.

Q7. Will there be separate categories for projects in Southern, Central, and Northern Arizona?

A7.  The AZPOY is presented by the PMI Phoenix Chapter and PMI Tucson Chapter, and is intended to recognize projects from throughout the State.

Q8. Will there be prize money associated with the AZPOY?

A8.  No, there is no prize money. Trophies will be awarded to recognize recipients of the AZPOY.  The AZPOY is intended to recognize large and complex projects that best deliver:

  i.   Superior performance of project management practices;

  ii.  Superior organizational results;

  iii. Positive impacts on society, people, and communities within the State of Arizona.

Q9. Is there a limit to the application size? e.g., limit applications to no more than xx pages?

A9.  All AZPOY applications for consideration should be submitted in a PDF or Word .doc format, and address the criteria listed at; no more than 20 pages in total.

Q10. What are the evaluation criteria?

A10.  Please see the criteria listed at