Get Involved. Make a difference. Be a volunteer.

Make your mark on PMI and the profession. As a member, you can volunteer to work on, and to lead activities that advance the profession and the Institute.

Benefits of Volunteering

Enhance the profession of project management, reap the benefits of expanding connections, and leverage career advancement opportunities all while volunteering with PMI.

Volunteer Application Form


Short Term Volunteer

I prefer to volunteer for a short, defined term, or for a specific event or series


Mid Term Volunteer (1-10 Hours per month)

I am able to lightly volunteer with the Chapter with a loosely defined/variable role, between 1 and 10 hours per month


Long Term Volunteer (10 - 20 Hours per month)

I am able to volunteer regularly with the Chapter in a clearly defined role in an ongoing capacity, between 10 and 30 hours per month

Volunteer Teams


I am interested in working with the team that supports Chapter Members through engagement, training, and recognition, as well as in efforts to attract new members and retain current ones. 


I am interested in working with the Chapter's marketing team, which develops and executes marketing strategies and promotes Chapter events, webinars, and study groups.

  • Assistant Vice President
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media Managers
  • Communications

I am interested in working with the Chapter's Operations team, which works behind-the-scenes to administer assets, documentation, governance and compliance and puts on the annual Board of Director's election.


I am interested in working with the Chapters Finance Volunteer team, which handles our budgets, expenses and income. They helping the members of the Board create and manage to a reasonable and responsible budget for the year.

Professional Development

I am interested in working with the Chapter Group that works to develop talent in the profession of project management through study groups towards PMI certifications, workshops, seminars, and professional development events. 


I am interested in developing and delivering content for Chapter Members, such as live events/networking, Speakers, webinars and Lunch and Learns.

External Relations

I am interested in working with the Chapter's external partners through various Outreach efforts, such as with the military, academia, sponsors, or coproprate ambassadors.


I am interested in working with the Chapter's technology team to support web development, technical administration, audio/visual technology, as well as security and access control of applications and subscription services

Virtual Locations

I am interested in working with the Virtual Locations team to increase the chapter's digital footprint, by supporting efforts to connect members virtually across the state.

Any Team

I am happy to help in any way I can, all of these teams sound amazing!


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