Volunteer Recognition Program

Volunteer of the Month

Each month, the PMI Phoenix Chapter Board of Directors selects one “Volunteer of the Month”, and the recipient is recognized and announced at the Evening Chapter Meetings.

The goals of the PMI Phoenix Chapter service awards are:

  • To formally recognize individual member contributions to the chapter.
  • To encourage volunteer contribution through recognition and incentives.
  • To visibly reinforce outstanding volunteer efforts as the basis for PMI Phoenix Chapter success.
  • To encourage new and existing volunteers to strive for performance excellence, thus allowing the PMI Phoenix Chapter to improve its value to the PMI membership and community.

Volunteer of the Month

The “Volunteer of the Month” receives:

  • $10.00 Gift Card
  • A VOTM Certificate of Appreciation
  • With approval, recognition on the chapter website throughout the month
  • With approval, recognition in the Newsletter
  • Upon request, Employer Volunteer Commendation Letter
  • Upon request, LinkedIn recommendation

Paul Bartal

Volunteer of the Month January 2021

Lemelle Johnson

Volunteer of the Month June 2019

Rick Gaunt

Volunteer of the Month May 2019

Annarose Lilly

Volunteer of the Month April 2019

Paul Bartal

Volunteer of the Month March 2019

Mary Ryan

Volunteer of the Month February 2019

Susan Wynn

Volunteer of the Month January 2019

Past Volunteer of the Month Recipients

2018 Volunteer of the Month recipients
  • December - Cynthia Parris, Director of Future City - External Relations Team
  • November - Angela Codding, AVP Marketing - Marketing Team
  • October - Paul Martin, AVP Military Outreach - Military Outreach Team
  • September - Lynda Stanton, Director of Elections - Operations Team
  • August - Rodney Jerger, Manager of Evening Meetings Program Presentation - Programs Team
  • July - Jean Alberte, Manager of Evening Meetings Registration - Programs Team
  • June - Abhijit Ganguly, Manager of Volunteer Membership - Membership Team
  • May - Chris Garland, Co-Director of Scottsdale Breakfast PDM - Programs Team
  • April - Nelson J Irizarry, Director of Networking - Programs Team
  • March - Gary McDermott, Manager of Publications - Marketing Team
  • February - Karina Jones, AVP Business Intelligence - Operations Team
  • January - Andy Aiyer, AVP Finance - Finance Team
2017 Volunteer of the Month recipients
  • December - Teresa Franco, Director Volunteer Recognition - Membership Team
  • November - Ken Roundtree, Manager Credential Study Group - Professional Development Team
  • October - Trevor Stasik, Manager Membership Ambassador - Membership Team
  • September - Ramon Diaz, Director Evening Remote Meetings - Programs Team
  • August - Shane Cretacci, Manager Social Media - Marketing Team
  • July - Sean Daly, Director Networking - Programs Team
  • June - Wes Giron, Director Elections - Operations Team
  • May - John Robertson, Manager PMP Exam Study Group - Professional Development Team
  • April - Brian Law, Manager Member Ambassador - Membership Team
  • March - Cerila Gaillard, Manager Member Ambassador - Membership Team
  • February - Deborah Caltagirone, Director Professional Development - Professional Development Team
  • January - Katie Ruzicka, Manager Volunteer Management - Membership Team
2016 Volunteer of the Month recipients
  • November - Ted Simpson, Manager Chapter Voicemail - Operations Team
  • October - Arlene Chemello, Financial Liaison - Finance Team
  • September - Co-Winners: Chantie Feinman, Co-Director Social Media, and Nicole Langston, Co-Director Social Media - Communications Team
  • August - Tom Stinson, Webmaster - Communications Team
  • July - Brian Zeltins, Director Volunteer Management - Membership Team
  • June - Marcia Solochek, AVP Evening Chapter Meetings
  • May - Simona Budurlean, AVP Volunteer Services - Membership Team
  • April - Nikki Stein, Director Speaker Selection - Professional Development Team
  • March - Sierra Rose, Director Core Infrastructure - Communications Team
  • February - Rick Sowers, Director Evening Chapter Meetings (North) - Programs Team
  • January - Joe Joyce, Networking Manager - Programs Team