Welcome to the PMI Phoenix Mentorship Program!

This program is designed for project managers and those aspiring to enter the project management field, providing them with short-term support from experienced project management professionals.  Our mentors come from a variety of industries and have a wide range of knowledge.

During the 5-month mentorship program, mentees will actively engage with their mentors weekly, fostering the relationship. Additionally, they will participate in optional monthly sessions with the larger mentorship community, creating opportunities for learning and networking.

The mentorship experience can include various aspects such as a resume or LinkedIn profile reviews, simulated job interviews, career guidance, personalized development plans, and valuable insights on professional certifications that can augment skillsets.

This is all in addition to building your network with other PM professionals! 

We are currently planning the next cohort and will have more information posted by July 1, 2024.


Why Join the Mentorship Program?

  • Mentoring is a great way to give back to the project management community. 
  • Outstanding guest speakers on topics of interest. 
  • Numerous opportunities to network and connect with like-minded professionals. 
  • Positive encouragement and mentoring from experienced project professionals in a variety of industries. 
  • Our Mentorship Team Members have reported excellent progress on personal goals. 
  • Mentees found new positions through networking and Mentorship program.  
  • Mentees have prepared for and passed their PMP exam.
QualificationsActive Phoenix Chapter Member in good standing and PMP Certified or equivalent.Focused on mentoring around project management.  
PDUs1 PDU credit for each hour of qualifying mentoring activity          (up to max)1 PDU credit for each hour of qualifying mentoring activity         (up to max)
CostNo Cost (Thank you for volunteering!)PMI Member: $50 / Non-Member: $100

Steps to Apply as a Mentor or Mentee

Submit Mentorship Application (*)Submit Mentorship Application (*) 
Submit Volunteer Application 
Interview and Acceptance Process with Mentorship TeamInterview and Acceptance Process with Mentorship Team
 Payment (Mentorship Team will provide link)
Mentor/Mentee Pairing Process BeginsMentor/Mentee Pairing Process Begins

* Need to read, understand, and agree (in application) to the Mentorship Program Agreement: Mentorship Program Agreement

How to Build a Successful Mentor / Mentee Relationship

  • Available at least weekly to provide advice and counsel.
  • Helps set and achieve concrete, realistic (SMART) goals.
  • Creates an open environment for working together.
  • Communicates effectively while being empathic to how others are engaging.
  • Provides encouragement.
  • Facilitates learning and development.
  • Gives thoughtful, constructive, kind feedback and offers suggestions.
  • Recommends resources and professional development opportunities.
  • Available at least weekly to learn and grow in project management skills and abilities.
  • Develops and achieves concrete, realistic (SMART) goals.
  • Creates an open environment for working together.
  • Thoughtfully considers mentor’s advice and guidance.
  • Open about what barriers may be getting in the way of progress toward goals and enlisting help, when needed, to get back on track.
  • Willing to try new things (webinars, classes, workshops, strategies).
  • Acquires the skills needed to be successful in own professional development.

What Our Mentors/Mentees Say

"If this program had not existed, I would still have been in the same rut I was in when I started the program."

"I have been in project management for years, and it is always great to help others in the field."

"A great opportunity to give back to the project management community!"

As a mentor, I found the entire experience extremely rewarding; it was time well invested. I truly enjoyed the open dialog, exchange of ideas, and thought-provoking conversations with my mentee. Thanks to PMI Phoenix Chapter for sponsoring this amazing program...I have gained a colleague and friend as a result!

The Mentorship Program not only helped me grow into the role of a PM it also greatly affected the company I work for. The advice I received from my mentor taught me to ‘manage up.’ The ‘managing up’ concept led to me being a catalyst in moving up the timeline to incorporate the newly acquired team into the greater organizational structure.

It has been an exceptional experience. The program has proven to be incredibly useful and has exceeded my expectations in every way. The level of knowledge and expertise demonstrated by the team behind the mentorship program is truly impressive. I wholeheartedly recommend the mentorship program to anyone looking to enhance their skills and stay ahead in their field.

I knew I wanted to continue being a project manager, but I didn't know what field I wanted to work in. My mentor helped me explore different areas of project management that match my skills. After I selected a direction I wanted to go, he helped me tailor my resume to the exact type of position I wanted. My new job is in a field that allows me to continue doing project management only with a different focus, so I once again love what I do every day.

This program gets a 10/10! Stellar communication and leadership from the executive team and exceptional pairing of mentors to mentees. It is wonderful to have seasoned professionals pouring into the next generation of project managers and helping them repeat the good lessons and learn from the hard lessons. I’m so grateful to have gotten to be a part of Cohort 2, as it provided the opportunity to learn, network, and grow while bringing new and fresh perspectives aligned with my career goals.

Meeting my Mentor was the highlight of my Mentorship Program. He mentored me while I was unemployed and wondered what my next steps were. He reminded me that this is a growth opportunity. I networked and listened to the knowledge of tenured Project Managers. He inspired me to look into different volunteer opportunities that would help me expand my knowledge and foster creativity while experiencing the newest PM tools and techniques. I continue to have weekly mentorship meetings with my Mentor as I grow in my new role. Thanks for all that you do!


All mentorship programs, meetings, and sessions are subject to volunteer availability and may be limited, rescheduled, or canceled at anytime.