Plans for 2024

  • Quarter 2: Saturday, April 16, 2024 Pat’s Run volunteers (Photos attached) Activities: Match parents with their children who completed the Kids run Take down finish line fencing
    • ~ 14 Volunteers ​
  • Quarter 3: TBD​​
  • Quarter 4: TBD​​

The PMI Phoenix Social Good Team supports PMImpact by working in our local community to support the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  The team has committed to one event per quarter annually.  We are recruiting volunteers to support our charitable work, and you can apply here to volunteer.

What is PMImpact?

PMImpact is a call to action for all changemakers to make their mark on the world by inspiring, demonstrating, and enabling social good impact.

Changemakers are individuals around the globe who wake up daily to figure out how to drive sustained change in their organizations and communities. They have enormous potential to do good by using their project management skills and are uniquely positioned to help address problems, resolve issues and meet needs around the globe. Changemakers impact by dedicating their skills, expertise, and time to helping their communities and advancing social causes. By applying and inspiring leadership, vision, motivation, and problem-solving skills, these individuals help others reach their goals.

PMI is rallying all changemakers to participate in our pledge to support the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN 17 SDG), designed to be a “blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.” The time and service hours PMI volunteers commit to social good causes directly support the UN 17 SDGs.

Plans for 2023

  • Quarter 1: Blood Drive​ Virtual Activity​ American Red Cross Sleeves Up Campaign​ 18 of 100 pledges​
  • Quarter 2: Military Outreach Activity​ Initial Planning Stages​ Likely a virtual activity​
  • Quarter 3: Mom’s Pantry​ On-site volunteer activity​
    • September in person event

    ~ 15 volunteers

  • Quarter 4: One Warm Coat (in collaboration with Girl Scouts)​ Turkey Drive for Mom’s Pantry​
    St Mary’s Food Bank (annual member donation)​
    • October 2023 - One Warm Coat Coordinate virtual and PMIcommunity coat drive in partnership with One Warm Coat and an Arizona nonprofit.

      • 69 Coats donated and delivered to a local non-profit

      • $731 raised through monetary donations

  •     Put together hygiene kits for local non-profit organizations - 500 hygiene kits distributed among 5 local organizations

What we did in 2022

  • Donations Collection to Support Ukraine.​ Web-based in partnership with the American Red Cross.​
    $1200 Raised​
  • Mom’s Pantry​ On-site volunteer activity​ 272 Family Beneficiaries​
  • One Warm Coat​ Coordinated effort through “Valley Champions,” who picked up coats from central locations. Social Good Team met on-site at the donation location to count coats ​$1148 Raised; 1280 Beneficiaries​
  • Pack the Pantry​ Virtual Food Drive benefiting Mom’s Pantry​ $780 Raised; 26 Beneficiaries​
  • St Mary’s Food Bank​ Virtual Donation​ $3350 raised.