Chapter Volunteer Teams

Leadership Teams - Our Volunteers

External Relations Team

External Relations Team is responsible for fostering relationships to support the Chapter and its members through outreach to companies, the military, academic institutions, non-profits, and communities. We build bridges between organizations and the Chapter by soliciting and stewarding relationships. We seek to enhance chapter member experiences and bring value to our partner organizations.

Academic Affairs

  • Shahrzad Badvipour, PMP - Collegiate Faculty Advisor
  • Dennis Kinton, PMP - Academic Outreach Director
  • Robin Watkins - LVL2- Academic Outreach Future City Director 
  • Maya Meng, PMP - Academic Outreach Manager
  • Parvathi Iyer, PMP - Academic Operations Manager
  • Alyssa Stricklan, PMP - Academic Content Manager
  • Christopher Ross Downey, PMP - Academic Affairs Manager

Future City

  • Ronnie Watley, PMP - Manager, Academic Outreach - Future City
  • Nikhil Sonawane - Manager, Academic Outreach - Future City
  • Edwina Sampler-Wright, PMP, PMI-ACP - Judge, Academic Outreach - Future City
  • Mark Plihcik, PMP - Judge, Academic Outreach - Future City

Social Impact

  • Meghan Booth, CAPM - Social Good Manager
  • Funke Ogundare, Social Good Team Member
  • Wendy Torrance, PMP - Socal Good Team Member
  • Garet Burns - Director

Military Outreach

  • Kelly Barbary, PMP - Military Liason
  • Tara Norris, MBA, MSC, PMP - Military Liason
  • Dan Bolden, Military Outreach Liason
  • Aaron Heimke, PMP - Military Outreach Liason
  • Ryan Erickson, PMP, PMP-ACP - Military Outreach Liason
  • Ryan Wampler, CAPM - Military Outreach Liason
  • Chris Tyndall, UNK - Military Outreach