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How to Join

The Project Management Institute (PMI)® is the global leader in the field of project management with everything you need to aid your professional growth. Become a PMI Phoenix Chapter member by joining PMI or renew your membership by choosing the plan that is right for you. To become a member of the PMI Phoenix Chapter or any chapter, you must join PMI or be an existing PMI member.
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Renewal process

You must be within 90 days of your current membership expiration date to renew. Any PMI Chapter you are already a member of will be added to your cart automatically. You can choose to (auto) renew or not to renew your existing Chapter membership(s).
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Attend Chapter Meetings

Become part of the local movement and network with other people interested in project management.

Continue your Education

Participate in interesting presentations & get affordable admission to exam prep courses.

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Get instant access to exclusive online content for PMI members such as templates and webinars.

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PMI Membership Types

PMI Global - Individual Member

The PMI individual membership is open to anyone interested in project management. If your work involves projects or project management, or you simply want to learn more about them, an individual membership is a terrific solution for you. Per year, PMI individual membership is USD $129 to join (plus a $10 application fee) or USD $129 to renew.

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PMI Student Member

PMI memberships aren't just for working project practitioners. If you are enrolled full time in a degree-granting program at a college or university that has U.S. accreditation, or the global equivalent, the PMI student membership may be right for you. All you need is a passion for project management and verification of college enrollment. Per year, a PMI student membership is USD $32 to join or USD $32 to renew.

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PMI Retiree Member

Your enthusiasm for project management doesn't have to end when you stop working. If you have been a PMI member in good standing for five consecutive years and have retired from active employment, you can take advantage of a discounted retiree membership and stay involved with the profession. Per year, A PMI retiree membership at a special rate of USD $65.

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PMI Phoenix Chapter - Individual Member

To join PMI Phoenix Chapter annual fee USD $40/year, and USD $20/year for students.

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PMI Phoenix Chapter - Military & Veteran Member

To join PMI Phoenix Chapter Military and veterans including spouses can join the PMI Phoenix Chapter at NO COST during their first year of membership. See our webpage via the button below for more detailed information.

Contact the military outreach team at

Military Outreach
PMI and PMI Phoenix Chapter - Corporate / Group Membership Pricing

Thank you for your interest! Currently PMI does not offer corporate or group membership for either PMI Membership or at a PMI Chapter level. PMI does offer Group Billing, so that a company / group can purchase multiple memberships at one time. As the PMI strategic focus is on the individual and helping to guide them in their careers as project managers. Please contact PMI customer care (below) for additional questions on PMI membership.

For the PMI Phoenix Chapter, we can set up events for Group Billing for corporations on behalf of their PMI members. Please contact the

More Informations
PMI Customer Care

You may also call the PMI Customer Care line at (610) 356-4600. A representative will help answer any questions you may have. PMI will process your application within a 5-7 business days and your data will automatically downloaded to our chapter database within two to three days of completing the transaction with PMI.

  • 14 Campus Boulevard

    Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA

  • Email: (preferred method)

  • Toll number: (610) 356-4600

  • Toll free number: (855) 746-4849

  • Fax: (610) 356-464
PMI Hardship Provision

PMI Hardship Provision to help members renew their membership

Hardship Provision is available to any PMI member whose financial condition has changed drastically and sufficiently so that a member would have difficulty renewing their membership. A member must be in good standing for at least three previous years to qualify for the hardship provision. Under this provision, a member is granted a waiver for one year of PMI membership dues and one year of dues for membership in any two PMI Chapters of which the applicant was a member the previous year. The Hardship Provision may be granted for a maximum of two years for each member. This information can also be located on the back of the renewal invoice that members receive.

To apply for consideration please contact PMI Customer Care department for more information Customer Care at +1-610-356-4600.


Is your PMI Membership Data up to date?

Are you on autorenew with PMI Global and with the PMI Phoenix Chapter for your membership?

If so, be sure to check your membership details at to ensure your data is up to date. 

You can remove yourself from autorenew and pay your membership early or with another payment method, however, you can't set yourself up for autorenew again unless you are 3 months out from your membership date.  This ensures, you don't get renewed too soon. So, this is a reminder, in case you are no longer autorenewing, please take the opportunity to ensure your pmi global data is up to date and select autorenew (assuming you are outside of the 3 month bounds).  

Autorenew is convenient and we, as a Chapter, appreciate your continued renewal and support.