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  1. A new podcast from Peter Taylor (The Lazy Project Manager) Unscripted musings on business life, leadership, creativity, transformation and all the myriad of other work-life events that get in the way of a good nights sleep. The Squid of Despair is a conceptual summation of what can go wrong, and often does, with mind-mapping or […]
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  3. How the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your World A new book from the author of #1 best-selling book ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ Enabling project managers to adapt to the new technology of artificial intelligence, this first comprehensive book on the topic discusses how AI will reinvent the project world and allow project managers […]
  4. I am working on my latest book ‘Team Analytics: How to run high performance teams and accelerate project success’, in conjunction with Bentzy Goldman of Perflo, and as part of this we are undertaking a survey to understand your team/project experiences If you could do two things for me that would be amazing Complete the […]
  5. Episode 1 – Meet Tim Stumbles of Office Timeline A free Zoom gathering where Peter Taylor, The Lazy Project Manager, introduces some of his friends from the wide world of project management Episode one is Tim from Office Timeline Book your free place today here And share the link with everyone you know About […]