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Culture at PMI




Culture and behaviors are inseparable facets of human existence, intricately interwoven in the tapestry of societies around the world. As diverse as humanity itself, culture defines our beliefs, values, traditions, and customs, while behaviors reflect our actions, attitudes, and interactions.

Within a professional organization, culture is the collective set of values, beliefs, behaviors, norms, and communication styles that define its identity and influence the interactions and work environment of its members. It sets the tone for collaboration, decision-making, and overall organizational effectiveness.


So, how does PMI define culture?

“Our culture is a community wide agreement of how we get things done, how we treat each other, and how we can all expect to be treated”.

It includes the following important elements:

  • How we collaborate with each other
  • How we act
  • What it feels like to volunteer or work with PMI
  • Our mindset, behaviors, and attitudes

At PMI, our systems and processes are WHAT we do. HOW we do them, the mindset and behaviors we choose, is culture. When we talk about organizational culture at PMI, we are talking about our communities of staff and volunteers, not the wider project management community.


What are the Culture Values and Behaviors at PMI?

  • Make it Easy
  • Aim Higher
  • Be Welcoming
  • Embrace Curiosity
  • Together we can


Over the next several newsletters, we will delve deeper into each of these culture values and behaviors. Check out the PMI Culture Hub to learn more.


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