This year's Best Project Manager award recipient was Natalie Robert from Highland Lakes.  Though the competition was fierce, Natalie appeared calm and confident. She indicated that the team wanted to learn how to work together "professionally" in going through the steps necessary to build a city. Natalie also candidly referred to challenges the team had with motivation and "burnout " toward the project's end. She further indicated that when this occurred, she took it upon herself to help the team regain their focus and remind them of what they wanted to achieve together.

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Dennis Kinton, PMI Phoenix Future City Director, (right) award Natalie Robert (center) with the Best Project Plan Award.

When asked how the team kept organized, on time, and within budget, Natalie said using online tools like "office and zoom" were instrumental from a technical perspective to stay on track; however, finding motivation was a key factor for the completion of all phases. She felt making sure her teammates were still "happy with the work they were doing" was essential to get past setbacks. The example used was their challenge in cutting Styrofoam for the model. They found that many shapes cut were uneven and not to scale. So they had to cut them repeatedly. During these times, they needed to re-focus as a team and remember their original goals.

PMI Phoenix proudly presented Natalie Robert from Highland Lakes with the Best Project Manager award through professionalism, using project management methodologies and tools, and knowing how to keep her team focused and motivated. Good job, Natalie!

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