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Volunteer Spotlight - Tom Wilp

I would like to introduce you to Tom Wilp, PMP, RMP, the March 2022 Volunteer of the Month. Tom is a valued member for his length of service and knowledge part...

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Volunteer Spotlight - Mohit Goel

Our February 2022 volunteer of the month, Mohit Goel.  He is being recognized for compiling our finance data into meaningful reports for the board of director...

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Volunteer Spotlight - Riley Sedam

I'd like to introduce you to Riley Sedam, PMP who currently directs the chapter Future Cities effort. The board chose him as our January 2022 volunteer of the...

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Volunteer Spotlight - Alex Green

Meet Alex Green who was recommended for the November 2021 volunteer member of the month. He was in the first wave of the 2021 study group this past spring and ...

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