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Welcome to the PMI Phoenix Toolkit. This will be your introductory guide to the field of project management. Since its inception as a profession in 1969, project management has developed into a thriving profession with approaches like Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid, directing projects in a variety of sectors like IT, healthcare, and construction.
Ask Questions!
Asking questions is part of what makes a great project manager. Have you ever wondered about the answers to these questions? Or have you been asked these questions and wanted to provide a clear concise answer?
  • What are projects?
  • What is a project manager?
  • What is project management and why should we care about it?
  • Why project management?
  • How important is project management?
    What is a Project Manager and what do they do?
  • And more questions…

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Getting into this field can start with formal training and certifications like PMP, but you can also gain experience through internships or even volunteering. There are professional groups where you can meet people in the field and keep learning; and handy software tools can also make your life easier in this job.
So, explore, enrich, and engage in the highly rewarding field of project management. Download the PM Toolkit below and start your journey!
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