Research Requests

PMI Phoenix supports research efforts for academic purposes.  PMI Phoenix has established the following standards for reviewing and fulfilling such requests.

Types of Requests

Research data collection is limited to the following research activities:

  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Interviews

Requests are only honored from the following institutions with relationships to PMI Phoenix:

  • Arizona State University
  • University of Arizona
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Ottawa University of Arizona

Request Requirements

Research requests must include the following required items in order to be reviewed:

  • Abstract (150 words limit)
  • Methodology for distribution and data compilation
  • Timeline (Survey period and due date for survey responses need to be specified)
  • Contact information
  • Advisor approval
  • Approval documents from institutional review board

Requests should be submitted using the form below.


PMI Phoenix will review initial requests within 72 hours of email submission.

Data Privacy and Records Management

  • PMI Phoenix must receive a copy of information collected from members during any research.
  • PMI Phoenix does not release membership information either in distribution or results.
  • PMI Phoenix will take appropriate measures to ensure that members who requested to be excluded from mailings, directories, and other communications are not included in those activities and that all future requests to opt-out of receiving such communications will be honored.
  • PMI Phoenix will keep accurate records of member preferences to ensure the proper administration of all opt-out requests.
  • Under no circumstances shall individual PMI member’s information be shared with an employer without an individual’s permission.

Ownership of Information

Any information pertaining to PMI membership, including but not limited to databases, lists, mailing labels and reports, which is provided by PMI to the chapter, may be used only in connection with the authorized, lawful business of the chapter, consistent with the terms of the chapter’s charter with PMI. Such information is considered confidential and shall not be shared with or distributed to individuals or business entities outside of PMI, except with the prior, written permission of the PMI executive management.

Confidential Information - Chapters shall maintain the confidentiality of any and all of PMI’s confidential, sensitive or proprietary information or data (collectively known as confidential information). Such confidential information remains the property of PMI and is furnished to the chapter in confidence and solely in connection with the chapter’s affiliated relationship with PMI.